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Digital Access to Your Property Tax Values & Bills with TaxFeed

Easily process your property tax assessments and bills without opening the mail or manually entering data into your tax system.

Before you receive them in the mail, your property tax values and bills are entered into a computer, printed, and stamped. We've developed relationships directly with assessors and collectors to get that data in its original, digital format. Then, we standardize the information across jurisdictions so its easy to use. And finally, we make it available in a data table that you can download from our secure online portal.


Property Tax Automation is Possible with TaxFeed

TaxFeed provides you with your assessments, tax rates, and tax bill details—all electronically. We collect the information directly from jurisdictions, normalize the data, and send it to you as it's released. As a result, you can reduce your reliance on paper mail and manual data entry.

Timely & Accurate Digital Delivery

No need to wait on paper mail delivery or worry if your bills and assessments were sent to the correct address. Our information comes straight from the source, as it's released by assessors and collectors. Through automation, we search our database for your parcel data 24/7, 365 so that you get your information as soon as it's available.

Normalized for Easy Consumption

We know that different assessors and collectors have their own way of doing things. So, we consolidate your property tax information across all available counties into one master file, which means you can use the information right away. We do the interpretation, classification, and mapping to provide you with one consistent dataset—no matter the state, assessor, or collector.

Built to Fit Your Process

Your bill and assessment data are custom delivered for your process—no data manipulation or legwork is needed on your end. You'll have access to your files in the format you need: Text, CSV, XML, JSON, Excel, Access, etc. You'll have all the property tax data you need (and more!) in a format or method that easily integrates with your existing systems.

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Benefits of Using TaxFeed

Your property tax process is more efficient when you receive your values and bills digitally. Here are just a few of the benefits that our TaxFeed customers experience:

How TaxFeed Works

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We Set Up Your Subscription

After you provide us with your parcel numbers, we automate our technology to constantly search data we receive for your records.

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Automation Takes Over

As soon as something new is released, we review it and provide it to you through an online portal. Over time, our technology will also find new records for properties you acquire.

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You Download Your Records

You review your records and download the data directly from your online portal—in whatever file format you need.

Ongoing Support

We're there along the way to make sure you have the property tax information you need, when you need it. Your account manager will also help you keep your parcel and account lists up to date.

Improve Your Processes with Property Tax Automation


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